“I am passionate about being a yoga teacher because of the difference I am able to facilitate in someone’s life by sharing the wisdom of the yogic teachings and lifestyle. I am very proud of my ethnicity and the role that India has played in the history and development of Yoga. YGB is the bridge that helps me use my passion and express my gratitude. Yoga is so much more than asana and this opportunity to provide selfless service is a great way to live your yoga off the mat.”

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Vikram has been actively teaching at various Modo locations in North America since 2008. Over the course of the years he has accumulated over 11,000 hours of teaching experience and has continued his Ashtanga studies with Sharath Jois in Mysore, India. His passion for all things yoga led to pursue studies in Ayurveda as well and is an Ayurvedic practitioner. A strong advocate of the Ayurvedic lifestyle Vikram shares his knowledge and passion in various workshops and yoga teacher training. Vikram is part of the YTT faculty with Modo Yoga where he teaches yoga history and philosophy.

Having grown up in India Vikram is no stranger to the impoverished conditions the majority of the country live in. He strongly believes that the future lies in education and employment for women in rural and developing India.