Welcome Lee Grane Maranan (Philippines) to YGB Global Ambassadors Team

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“I am in solidarity with YGB’s efforts in contributing to the wellbeing and empowerment of women and children from India. I support their cause as a way give back to the people of the land that gifted us spirituality & their yoga tradition for the benefit of all.”

Lee Grane has the uncanny ability to tune in to the living breathing element of sound and share its healing resonance with others. Her voice and music evokes an ethereal quality that has the ability to transport and captivate listeners deeply into the world of sound.

Lee Grane offers 17 years of professional experience in the field of music. Trained with the knowledge of the Yoga of Sound & healing frequencies, sacred chants & sound meditation. Co-Founder of Yoga Sadhana Journeys, curating intimate retreats in sacred lands weaving yoga, culture, adventure, ritual and ceremony. Passionate about the exploration of higher consciousness, the 13Moon Dreamspell teachings of the ancient Maya. A practitioner of ancient shamanic energy medicine, dedicated to the activation of our Inner Remembrance of Who We Truly Are.

She is a Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, Co-Founder & Creative Visionary of Roots of Wisdom.