Welcome Brittany Bijan to YGB Global Ambassador’s Team

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I found out about YGB from my incredible teacher and mentor, Sarah Ezrin. I was immediately inspired by YGB’s mission and wanted to do all I can to help raise awareness and funds for this beautiful mission I’m fortunate enough to be a part. I am dedicating my practice to this amazing organization. I’m so honored to be a part of this mission. Thank you!

Brittany Bijan reside in Sonoma, Ca with her husband and 4 children. Yoga has been a huge love of Brittany’s for a long time. She’s taken long breaks from the Asana side of yoga, but she’s always carried the philosophies of yoga and the true meaning of yoga with her in all she does. Brittany wanted to dive deeper into yoga, and took her practice a little bit further, so she completed a 200 hour teacher training program from Yoga Works. She fell deeply in love with teaching. She takes her teaching role to heart, giving her students a chance to breathe, to pause and truly be in their bodies is something she will never take for granted. She is so dedicated to her role as a teacher and her students that she signed up for an additional 300 hour training with Yoga Works that begins this Fall. Brittany hopes to be a forever student. She’s so grateful for the beautiful practice of yoga. She feels indebted to yoga and wants to give back as much as she can.