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Lipika was a 14-year-old student from an impoverished family who enjoyed her studies in the 10th standard when she was unenrolled from school by her father. As an auto-rickshaw driver, he had great difficulty in financially supporting his family. As the youngest child and a girl, Lipika was compelled to bear difficult sacrifices for her family. After being removed from her education, Lipika’s father arranged a marriage for her against her will. The news of this situation reached NISHTHA, YGB’s NGO partner in West Bengal who intervened to stop the child’s marriage and re-enrolled Lipika back into school through the support of YGB’s SHE program. She has since completed her studies and works as a private tutor. With the income she earns from this work, Lipika can support her family and work towards her ultimate goal of becoming a school teacher.


Please donate to YGB’s five-year scholarship for higher education (SHE Project) to help turn Lipika’s and other youths’ dreams into realities. SHE currently funds the education of 400 disadvantaged youths so that they can earn their college degrees. Just $250 per year or $20 per month can support one student to transform their life completely. Join us here