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Devi came to Deenabandhu Children’s Home when she was 4 years old, and since then, has grown into a happy and responsible 15 year-old 10th grader. Devi came to Deenabhandu from difficult situations both at home and in an orphanage. She was mostly raised by her single mother, who worked as a maid and was also raising an older brother who was born with a heart condition. The whereabouts of her father is unknown. Tragically, Devi recently lost her brother to this congenital disease, but fortunately, she enjoys good health and is one of the strongest girls at the Home.

In fact, when most of the other children and staff had fallen sick during the second wave of COVID19, she was one of just three girls (as well as the youngest) who were not infected. All the children and staff who had contracted the virus were housed at the Deenabandhu schools and guest houses. Food provisions needed to be delivered to them four times every day. Devi, together with two other girls, took on the responsibility of cooking the food, packing it, and then delivering the boxed meals to the patients. It was a lot of work for almost three weeks, which Devi and the other girls managed with impressive responsibility, kindness and grace, especially for such a young age. Everyone felt so grateful to them.


Along with her studies, Devi is learning Bharatanatyam classical dancing. She has started preparing for the dance exams, which she will be taking this year. Devi is also a good singer and aces sports at school. We are very proud of this amazing human, and it is such a blessing to watch her grow and thrive.

Devi is one of 32 children we support this year. Please know that just $45 a month ($540 per year) can sponsor one orphaned child to grow in this Home with all the love and opportunities that Devi has been receiving: YGB, in partnership with Deenabandhu Children’s Home, is able to provide a safe and loving nest for these children in dire need only through the support that we receive from generous and compassionate donors like you. We are in deep gratitude to you.

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