YGB is funding 25 girls at a group home run by our NGO partner Shaktidhama in Mysore, Karnataka. 100 girls were rescued by social workers from Shaktidhama last year and live in this home safely. These girl are from underprivileged families such as Devadasi (born to become prostitutes), poor tribal communities and low caste or orphans. This project makes sure that all the girls receive up to 10th grade education then provide opportunities for higher education. Last year we visited this home and YGB’s Founder Kayoko Mitsumatsu shared her insight here at her blog. http://kayokosjourney.blogspot.com/

Babitha is 8 years old. She is from a North Karnataka district named Rayachuru. Her widowed mother works in the fields. Babitha likes to listen to stories and hence she likes Kannada class, where she gets to hear lots of small moral stories. Also, she enjoys dancing. She likes to eat chapatti. B. wants to become a teacher in the future. She would like to work in Mysore instead of in her village and she doesn’t want to live with her mother.

Naya is 9 years old. She is from the North of Karnataka. Both of her parents work in the fields and they grow cotton. She has a younger sister. Naya is interested in environmental studies. She likes the nature. She also loves her bed as she used to sleep on the floor in her village. She is happy that her school uniform gets stitched in Shakthidhama and not outside which would be expensive and time consuming. Her favorite dishes are Chithranna and Avalakki (rice dishes). She has participated in many interschool level game competitions and has received a prize at the “Potato race”. She likes to dance and wants to become a Bharathanatya (a traditional Indian dance) teacher. When she starts earning, she wants to help orphans and poor children.

Rana is 9 years old. Her mother is a widow and goes to daily wage works. She has a younger and an older sister. Her younger sister is studying in 1st grade and her older sister is studying in 10th grade. She also lives in Shakthidhama. Her favorite dish is Tomato bath (a rice dish). She likes Kannada and Social studies as she understands them well. She has a great handwriting and she even won the first prize at a handwriting competition. She plays throw ball. In the future she wants to become a policewoman and fight crime.

With your support, we are funding 25 girls this year. As always, we are committed to support each person for a minimum of five years to ensure a chance to seed her transformation. US $50 a month will fully fund one girl for one year with boarding, education, and cultural activities.  Please join #OneMillionYogis campaign and consider any amount of support so these girls have a real chance to live with dignity and reach to their dream