In 2015, while living in Beijing, Gwen saw YGB FILM “My Mother’s Dream” and was immediately inspired to be part of YGB. Being a mother of three growing boys did not stop her from organizing her first YGB event at the International School in Beijing, engaging teachers and students successfully. This March, Gwen successfully organized a YGB Fundraiser at the Habitat Penang Hill, engaging 200 local yogis and community.

Gwen’s teaching is shaped by her first teacher, Wanda Hewitt, whom she feels a deep gratitude to, draws inspiration from the wise and knowledgeable Judith Hanson Lasater and learning so many therapeutic tools in healing herself and helping others through her advance teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank from Yoga Medicine.

“When I first heard of Yoga Gives Back, I was so inspired by its mission empowering women and providing education to children that I plunged straight into organizing an event. I am very blessed and honored to be a YGB Ambassador. Yoga is part of me; and being able to give back through yoga, using it as a medium, as a vehicle, is paramount as it holds a space close to my heart. My hope is to inspire others who have embraced yoga as a journey to give back in other creative ways.”  ~ Gwen Tan-Wynne