Welcome Kay Eppel (MI) to YGB Global Ambassadors Team

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“I am humbled and proud to be an Ambassador for Yoga Gives Back.  This amazing organization supports women and children of India in instrumental ways such as providing a safe home and education for children, menstrual equity empowering women and girls, and providing micro loans for mothers.  I honor their mission and hard work and am thankful to be a part of Yoga Gives Back.  I look forward to serving their community and am grateful for all that yoga has brought to my life.”

Kay was first drawn to yoga, like many of us, through the physical practice of asana. The yoga postures themselves served as a gateway to the deeper practices of yoga, where she later noticed how the physical practice offered mental and energetic benefits as well. As a busy mother of four, yoga brought a sense of peace and calm that no other practice had done for her before.

With four children and 12 grandchildren, Kay’s devotion to her yoga mat soon sparked an idea: yoga can be a practice for all ages. And that’s when completed several yoga teacher trainings, including her RYT-200, RCYT, and varying courses specializing in all aspects of child and adolescent practices. In 2019, Kay opened a studio space called Just Bee Yoga + Well-being that was devoted to kids’ yoga, from babies all the way up to teens. That studio, in partnership with her daughter, Hilary, has since flourished into a full-blown yoga studio, Dharamsala TC, that offers kids yoga, adult yoga, trapeze yoga, yoga teacher trainings, and specialty workshops and events. In 2022, Kay and Hilary expanded Dharamsala TC into a second location in the heart of downtown Traverse City, Michigan.

With over 30 instructors and 60 classes on the schedule, Kay has seen her vision of creating a community come to life before her eyes. Dharamsala TC serves as an inclusive sanctuary, a safe space, and a shelter for all to practice yoga and learn the benefits that Kay experienced many years ago. She remains dedicated to sharing the world of yoga and mindfulness to as many people as possible.