I am a dedicated yoga practitioner based in Canada where I’ve created a space to bring awareness to individuals’ mental health, and provide free yoga service to anyone who needs them. 

Founder of Emii Yoga a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a peaceful space; where the goal is to integrate a bit more yoga into everyone’s life. 

Emii will host a Zoom fundraising event on March 20th, 5:30 – 7:30 am (GMT+5) REGISTER HERE

Traditionally, 108 Sun Salutations are practiced four times a year during the change of a season. So, let’s kick-start the new Spring season with this heartwarming event where 100 % of the proceeds goes to Yoga Gives Back.

Emii is a certified 200 HR Yoga Instructor driven to provide yoga service to those who need it the most.  As with all professional services, yoga & meditation classes can be expensive, and not everyone has the financial abilities to benefit from them.  However, she believes that yoga can benefit everyone – especially the ones experiencing difficulty and struggles in their everyday life.  

This is a dedicated service to bring awareness to individuals’ mental health and personal development.  All services are free of charge.