Welcome Beth Gallagher to YGB’s Advisory Board

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As a documentary film editor  I understand the power of story telling. I am continually impressed and inspired by how well Yoga Gives Back uses the power of story telling in its documentary films of underserved women and girls in India as they confront poverty and discrimination.

In the last 15 years Yoga Gives Back has combined movie making with activism to reach and grow its global yoga community. As a result, YGB has inspired thousands of yoga practitioners from around the world to transform their personal yoga practice into global action,

by funding micro loans, orphanages and scholarships for higher education.

I look forward to supporting YGB for years to come. I am excited to see how Yoga Gives Back will continue to evolve and expand as a global organization, making real change for women and children in yoga’s country of origin, Mother India.

Beth Gallagher is an Emmy winning film editor in Venice, California. Beth seeded the idea of  YGB FILMS and continued to support its production for the last 15 years.

YGB Mini-Documentary: Micro Financing Changes Lives (2008)

“10 Years of Giving Back” (2017)

From Seedling to Sheltering Tree: Guruprasad’s Journey (2021)