“Make a difference to the people I work with” and “make a difference in the world”.  You can create a business that gives you personal freedom AND makes a difference online.

That’s the topic of  Janet Beckers’ podcast with a case study of an inspiring friend, Kayoko Mitsumatsu.  Kayoko turned an everyday routine into a cause that has changed the lives of thousands in India, for the better. She was a producer/director for NHK Japan’s National Public Broadcaster. Now she is the co-founder of Yoga Gives Back, which started back in 2007 from her yoga class in Los Angeles, which has now grown to a global campaign.


Here’s what we discuss in the interview:

  1. How Kayoko was inspired to help those in India living in poverty
  2. How yoga plays an integral part in the movement that has helped thousands
  3. Her documentary career and how her business connected her with a way to make a difference online
  4. The exact steps Kayo took from idea to international movement
  5. How to tap into the Instagram Influencer trend to magnify impact
  6. The importance of creating a “movement” rather than a “project” and the clearly expressed goals that amplified her message
  7. The lessons you can apply from this case study to make a difference online