New Initiative – Project Shaale

Combatting learning delays caused by COVID among poor and rural children in India

YGB is now supporting 800 students and dozens of teachers with support for Project Shaale at poorly funded government schools.

Project Shaale provides professional development and resources for teachers at poorly funded government schools to prepare them for the serious learning delays and gaps that poor, rural and girl children have faced during the 18-month school closures during the pandemic in India. Due to a lack of internet and computers, most children in the areas we serve in India were not able to access online education during the pandemic. Many children dropped out completely; for students lucky enough to return to school, they will require support to catch up in their studies and graduate successfully.

At the primary level, children learn foundational skills that prepare them for higher learning. When the process of learning is interrupted, learning delays, learning loss and dropouts increase. Project Shaale reinforces the fundamentals of Science and Mathematics for government primary school children as a strategy to engage them in experiential, hands-on learning, and attempt to redress the learning delays they have experienced during the school closures.

Prajna Neelgund, of Deenabandhu Trust and Project Shaale, shared her personal observations of the learning loss that occurred during the lockdown for the local children and the challenges faced by teachers to get the children back in school and keep them from dropping out. Additionally, Prajna cited the findings from a study which reported 89% of the children from 5th and 6th standard have lost at least one fundamental mathematical ability; and 93-95% children have lost at least one language ability such as reading or writing. Watch the full interview with Prajna on Instagram Live.

YGB is now supporting 800 students and dozens of teachers with support for Project Shaale.
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