“Global Gathering for India 2022" was another big success!

We come together as one global yoga community to give back.

Together, we raised almost $ 60,000 with this campaign that will empower more than 2400 women and children in India with YGB’s programs in Karnataka and West Bengal. 

Three-day kick off EVENT is now available as REPLAY. 

Free registration for unlimited access throughout 2022.

Yoga Gives Back is grateful for hugely successful kick off weekend for “A Global Gathering for India,” with 1500 people registered from around the world, especially for 60 world leaders from the kirtan, yoga and spiritual communities who joined forces to support more than 2400 underserved women and children in India, and this collective effort continues till the end of August. Join us. 

Media does not cover it anymore, but the devastating impact of the pandemic persists in every marginalized community in India. Child marriage, child labor and trafficking are the harsh realities we want to prevent happening in our fund recipients lives.

It’s easy to be an active part of this one-of-a-kind global campaign of giving back!

Our goal is to raise $100,000 to help launch our new program: 

Women Rise Digital Center to empower 5000 girls & women with computers & Internet access, in addition to more than 2400 women and children we already support with micro loans and education funds. 

Thank you to these generous sponsors!

Annual Partners (5000 – 50,000 +)

Hiroko & Tadashi Maruoka

Jocelyn Solomon & Family


Adam Weissburg & Francie Jones

Michael Cypers & Family

Platinum Sponsors (5000+)

Gratitude Sponsors (2500+)

Kia Miller & Tommy Rosen

Terry Gilman

Empowerment Sponsor (1008+)

L. Sequin
Elizabeth B. Denison
Janice Hill Morningland Community & Friends

Support Sponsor (500+)

Renuka Matthews
Sachin Timbadia
David Thurkill
Robert Van Diggele

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“I immediately resonated with Yoga Gives Back’s ethos as it truly shows karma yoga in action. When I look at the kind of aid the YGB campaigns support, I see how not only “the price of one yoga class can change a life” but potentially generations. Being able to support women to start a business or gain vocational skills to help them move out of poverty, cultivate entrepreneurship and gain independence will have a profound effect on their whole families now and in the future. So what to us might seem like a drop in the ocean will create a lasting rippling effect. This is such an inspiring way to create sustained change. Supporting YGB also gives me the opportunity to give something back to the motherland of my practice, the practice for which I am so profoundly grateful. Yoga shows me how to find freedom and choice in my own life, so I am honored to be working with YGB to provide the women we support in India with freedom and choices which aren’t naturally available to them.”

Tanja Mickwitz
YGB Ambassador, London

“What a beautiful day we had in the Stadspark Maastricht were we celebrated International Yoga Day 2018 together for Yoga Gives Back! With the summer sun on our faces accompanied by a soft breeze we took the time to stand still by the country that gave us the gift of yoga and where many women and children live in sadness and poverty. In a flow of meditation, asana and deep relaxation we connected with our hearts and the essence of the true meaning of yoga.The unifying vibes of yoga were going through the park connecting us and many #onemillionyogisglobally spreading the intentions of world peace and happiness. Thank you all for your presence, positive energy, connection and great donations for Yoga Gives Back! Show your gratitude and compassion as a yoga practitioner, yoga teacher or just as a human being and join us in supporting real change. No one ever became poor of giving. Are you with us?”

Anouk Prop
YGB Ambassador, The Netherlandsondon

“Recently, the most unfathomable thing happened to me. I was laid off from my job as a Pharmacist Project Manager after working for the same organization for 33 years. It was a shocking experience that I will never forget. Instead of wallowing in my sorrow, I chose to help those who need help. Since a year ago, I started practicing Yoga and Meditation to relief stress and anxiety. I met the founder of Yoga Gives Back (YGB) at a Yoga pop up class. Yoga Gives Back is an organization that helps empower women and provide scholarship to children and orphans by using ‘Micro-financing’, an unconventional financing to support women to start their own businesses.”

Mai Li
Volunteer, Los Angeles

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