“Eliminating poverty is a question of removing the barriers faced by poor people to unleash their creativity to solve their problems. They can change their lives, if we only give them the same opportunities that the rest of us have.”

— Dr Muhammad Yunus


With your support, YGB started funding 800 students through “Project Shaale,” to combat learning delays and gaps for poor and rural children in India.

With increased support from our global supporters during India’s COVID crisis this year, Yoga Gives Back has been able to add an important new program called “Project Shaale” (“shaale” is Kannada for “school”) run by our NGO Partner Deenabandhu Trust, which provides professional development and experiential learning tools for teachers at 40 poorly-funded local government schools in order to address the severe learning delays and gaps that poor, rural, and girl children have faced during the 18-months long, pandemic-related school closures. Read more here. 


We are delighted to present our Namaste Award to Dr Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Laureate & Father of Microcredit and Social Business at the Annual Global Gala. Dr Yunus inspired YGB’s birth fourteen years ago. He will share his message with Q &A, live from Bangladesh at 7 p.m. PST. Don’t miss this very special opportunity to meet Dr Yunus. 

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Our Annual Global Gala is like no other, a full day of extraordinary programs only YGB can offer with our incredible Global Ambassadors and Supporters with their loving generosity.  Check Program Schedule