“I support the work of Yoga Gives Back and appreciate the dedication of Kayoko, her team, Daphne, and countless other Yogis and Yoginis who have committed their professional lives to sharing the 8 limbs of yoga around our planet. I am especially drawn to supporting women and their children.  ‘Help women and you help the entire system.” 

While living Ft Worth, Texas, Ellen first fell in love with Hatha Yoga in 1980, via VHS cassettes of Alan Finger leading actress Raquel Welch and other lovely women practicing in Bathing Suits!  Then, along came Jane Fonda’s Challenge workout. I realized that her ‘cool down’ was ‘fast paced asanas’. Soon afterward, I moved to California, and attended an early Bikram, Hot Yoga class in LA.

After arriving at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA, I began my deeper yoga journey, including study with Iyengar, and Patabhi Jois, Rodney Yee, and much time at The White Lotus Foundation with Ganga White and Tracey Rich.  While in trainings, I taught regular classes at Esalen, and began including yogic philosophy and asana practice in both my massage & bodywork programs, and in my SpiritDance classes. 

Today, I am drawn to go to India – to Kerela, to Varanasi, to Rajastan, and to dip into Ma Ganga, to visit the SarasWati River. This trip is on my bucket list.

To learn more of Ellen’s work, visit: www.MovingVentures.org, and www.TheVibranceCollective.com.