Tioka Tokedira  Paris, France

“Yoga gave me a sense of calm and strength when I needed it most. Every day I am elevated by its principals. Every day there is much in my life that I owe to the physical and emotional discipline. My gratitude is limitless. Offering a portion of my efforts to women and girls in India who are the fire keepers of Yoga is an honor. I thank Yoga Gives Back for giving me this beautiful opportunity.

Tioka is a New Yorker living in Paris. She has practiced for more than fifteen years and started teaching after a trip to Mysore where she fell in love with training and living a life dedicated to Yoga. With a university degree in Education and a masters in Anthropology, Tioka blends her range of experiences to design classes at studios in Paris that meet students where they are on the mat and transport them to a place of physical and philosophical alignment.