“My passion has always been charity work so I am delighted to be a part of YGB and live in yoga together. Yoga has brought light into our lives and its just natural to support India where this amazing yoga culture was born. Yoga taught us to practice off the mat by choosing love and devotion through our actions. It is the most precious gift we can share from the practice of yoga.”

Despite having a gorgeous career as a 2007 Miss World representative from Japan and a 2008 Miss Universe finalist, Lui lost sight of herself in an appearance-oriented world and became depressed from stress. That’s when she discovered yoga philosophy. She realized that’s what she really wanted to share with the world. Currently she is teaching her own community SunroomYOGA and online studio Veda Tokyo, and is studying psychotherapy.  Also she uses the knowledge of Waldorf Steiner education for raising her child in the nature of Fujino Japan.