Erika Trice, Northern California

“I was inspired by the mission of Yoga Gives Back to support the country that gave yoga to the world.  Having traveled in India many times and seeing first hand the poverty that most of the country lives with, I love YGB’s philosophy of supporting mothers and young women to develop businesses of their own so that they can take care of their families and their communities. One of my trips to India included a fund raising effort with some of the students who joined me there for a yoga retreat.  Once we were back in the US, we were able to raise enough funds to buy a school bus for some of the local schools.  The children no longer had to walk miles to school. It is so important to remember as yoga practitioners that service or Karma Yoga is an integral part of our yogic path.”

Erika’s journey with yoga began over 30 years ago and she has been a yoga teacher and teacher trainer for the past 20 years.  Erika is known by many students as a creative and skillful teacher whose own training includes many different disciplines from yoga, meditation, qigong to psychology. She is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT500 certified teacher. Currently; Erika teaches at Yoga Works in Northern California.

She is passionate about the importance of a daily spiritual practice as a way to reclaim a strong and compassionate sense of self in a challenging world.  Erika supports others to develop a way of living that includes practice each day that is supportive to the individual’s way of living.