「ニルヴァーナプロジェクト」誕生: SHE奨学生の物語

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 An artistic student Nagaraju’s dream is making a real progress!

若き才能、Nagaraju P.を紹介します。彼は、YGBの210のSHE(高等教育奨学金)の一人です。

Nagaraju showed us his beautiful drawings at his home during our visit in 2016

この奨学金は、貧しい10代の学生の高等教育を5年間支援するものです。マイソール郊外のチャマラジャナガルの非常に貧しい家庭出身のナグラジュは、この奨学金をもらってマイソールの大学で商学を専攻し、教育を続けることができ、とても喜んでいます。2016年12月、ジャヤデヴ教授(Deenabandhu Trust, YGB NGO Partner)がすでに彼の信じられないほど美しく力強い絵をメールで送ってくれていたので、私はナグラジュの家を訪れました。彼に会って、今後の予定を聞いてみたかったのです。

The Nirvana bag illustrates a meaningful picture of transformation of King Siddhartha to the Nirvana state of Lord Buddha is a wonderful representation of transcendental bliss and it’s hand sketched by the  artist Nagaraju P.
When we first met in 2016, Nagaraju was undecided about pursuing his art. His father wanted him to take a government job for a stable income, as he makes very small wage as a daily laborer with little education.  They live in a simple two room home in the village of Chamarajanagar. His mother is a housewife also with little education.

In 2017, I met with a passionate Jyoti Jaiswal, an owner of Om Sutra online yoga accessories company based in New York. Jyoti’s mission is to empower women, artisans and talented artists by creating job opportunities with fair wages for a sustainable livelihood.  I immediately shared Nagaraju’s designs with Jyoti, who was very impressed with them that she agreed to create bags with his design and market on her site. As Nagaraju’s designs started traveling virtually from Chamarajanagar to New York, the new “NIRVANA PROJECT” was born. As Jyoti puts it, “this project is about Nagraju’s transformation and reaching to his dream…” I thought this is a beautiful name for this project which came together magically, but actually with tireless work by Nagaraju, Jyoti, Prof Jayadev and Mr Menon in Mysore.



今年1月、NIRVANA PROJECTのバッグの初サンプルを見ることができました!!!YGBの最初のSEVA TRIP参加者アンバサダー とサポーターが、Nagarajのデザインによる高品質なバッグを誇らしげにモデルにしているところです!!!Lauren Peterson(ロサンゼルス)、Beate Scholtz(ロサンゼルス)、Sharda ten Hove(オランダ/タイ)、Anouk Prop(オランダ/タイ)、Bonnie Ikemura(ロサンゼルス)と。
We travelled to Kolkotta carrying the NIRVANA bags! At Ramakrishna Mission Belur Math on the Ganges River with YGB Ambassadors Lauren Peterson (Los Angeles), Mina Lee (Abu Dhabi/Korea) and Beate Scholtz (Los Angeles)


No dream is too small or too big to pursue. I am again empowered and inspired to witness how our small contribution can seed an opportunity to live up to somebody’s potential. As YGB, we will continue to follow up his story and I look forward to sharing it year after year.  This is a true learning process for myself and for YGB as well. We hope to support Nagaraj’s dream, one bag at a time, while creating more sustainable income opportunities for local women tailors as the NIRVANA PROJECT takes off!!

Pre-Order this great bag now and get 20% off while helping Nagaraju’s dream come true!!

私はYoga Gives Back の創設者兼エグゼクティブ・ディレクターとして、2007 年から年に一度、インドの YGB プログラムを訪問する特権と責任を担っています。資金を受け取った母親、若者、子どもたちの個人的なストーリーを目の当たりにし、YGBのNGOパートナーとの関係を深めることは、素晴らしい旅であり、それを皆さんと共有したいと思います。私たちのグローバルな努力は、持続可能な支援によって1000人以上の人生に真のインパクトを与えることができるようになりました。この先、私たちのセバ・トリップから多くのストーリーを書いていく予定です。

This is part of an ongoing series from the personal point of view of YGB founder Kayoko Mitsumatsu. To read more check out Kayoko’s Journey