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Shyla is a kindhearted, mature child in the 4th standard who came to the Deenabandhu Children’s Home in 5月, 2022 after losing both of her parents, Akash and Lakshmi. Akash and Lakshmi had two children during their ten years of marriage and lived a happy family life together. Akash earned his income as a bus driver and was able to support his family. Tragically, he passed away suddenly as a result of cardiac arrest, which left his family in crisis. Eventually, Lakshmi found work as a maid, and earned additional income by selling small items for worship in front of a temple. She was able to take care of her family in these ways. However, as a tragedy upon a tragedy, Lakshmi was killed in a car accident, leaving the children with only their aging grandmother, who was without a home of her own and unable to care for them. Shyla and Ajay were then brought under the care of Deenabandhu.

A reserved person by nature, Shyla has been gradually adjusting well to her new life at Deenabandhu, and getting to know the other children. When she first arrived at 9 years old, she could not read and write Kannada. Shyla was placed under the guidance of Sita, who regularly trains and supports the children in their daily practice of reading and writing skills, in addition to providing them with nurturing care. Shyla is now progressing admirably, and has also decided to learn Bharatanatya dance. She is empathetic, often comforting children who have newly come to Deenabandhu. She was recently overheard consoling another child: “Why are you crying? See, I also do not have my parents, but I am happy here with all my friends!.” 

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