What if One Million Yogis got together?

Let’s make this a reality—making a difference has never been easier!

Worldwide, an estimated 300 million practicing yogis drive an 80-billion dollar industry. YGB’s new goal is to engage #OneMillionYogis to take action, regardless of the size of one’s contribution.

Together, we can uplift the lives of mothers and children in India by giving back to the country that gave us yoga. 

The success of One Million Yogis Campaign is measured not by how much money is raised but rather how many caring yogis take part to give back to Mother India.

We have different ways to join and make an immediate impact. Pick the option that works best for you.

  • Host, organize or volunteer at any fundraising classes or events
  • Become a YGB Sponsor
  • Donate what you can

Each one of you will be counted toward our force of #OneMillionYogis.

Please donate as little as $5 per month.


Create your personal online fundraiser.

With your personal fundraiser page, you will join YGB’s global leaders and yogis who are reaching out and setting challenges within their community to get involved. It’s easy and fun!!

                                       Looking for more inspiration? Watch our one-minute video

Here is a quick glance of how your contribution makes a real impact:











Provides educational materials for 12 children a year.

Offers higher education for 1 teen student.

Offers micro loans for 11 women potters.

Ensures primary education for 3 young girls.

Gives a caring home and education for 2 orphan children.

Question? Comment? Want to hold a fundraising event?

Ready to Make a Change?

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