Deenabandhu: Home of Love & Acceptance

Produced in 2014, this 7-minute film tells you a moving story of Deenabandhu Trust Home in Karnataka, South India. About 100 children live here, who have absolutely no other place to go. With your support, YGB is now funding 30 children here and you will see how Love & Acceptance fill up this home. This is one of YGB’s proud programs in India, which now fund over 500 mothers and children in total.

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Music by DJ Drez and Sheela Bringi. Audio Mix by Sean Price/Tone Colour, Edited by Martinos Aristidou, Film by Kayoko Mitsumatsu


In November 2010, YGB visited Deenabandhu Trust, a home for destitute and orphaned children in the rural district of Chamarajanagar, Karnataka, South India. More than 45 boys and 31 girls live here, ranging from 3 to 19 years of age. Deenabandhu was founded in 1992 by a zoologist professor Dr. G.S. Jayadev as a small home for eight orphaned boys. In 2010, with the help of foreign donations, they built a home for orphaned girls. This environmentally friendly “Green Home for Girls” now accommodates orphaned girls as well as rescued single mothers with their children. They eventually hope to accommodate up to 40 girls.

In 2011, YGB sponsored two single mothers with their sewing machines to earn income, as well as providing funds for their four children’s education and life at this home. We also funded two orphan girls. With increasing support from the the global yoga community, YGB now funds twenty orphaned children, including one girl  who is 2nd year in college and plans to major in fashion design technology.

With your support, YGB is now funding 30 children in this home.

What is so special about this home is that every child is welcomed with love and acceptance, not to mention home cooked organic meals three times a day. Every child has a chance to grow and develop one’s full capacity, by attending high standard local school and various activities. YGB is truly honored to partner with this organization.

Please watch these YGB FILMS which share moving stories of this home.

An annual cost of $500 (Rs. 22,500) per child pays for all housing, food, education (school and tuition), clothing, extracurricular activities, and other entertainment (such as day and overnight trips and summer camp).

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