After Lockdown, Women’s Resilience Shines in West Bengal, India

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The entire country has been at a standstill during the Covid lockdown for a whole year. Since the unlock phase people hoped opportunities would open up, but the fact is there’s no work available anywhere. After counseling and frequent meetings, YGB’s NGO partner NISHTHA was able to convince the women’s micro loan groups that they must try once again from scratch, in their own village to create their own opportunities. They understood and fortunately the groups are actively and unitedly working on rebuilding businesses in the rural villages of West Bengal. 

Because of the devastation caused by the pandemic at present there is no demand for artisan products. What little money is left is being used to buy food for their family’s survival.

In this dire situation, some of YGB’s micro loan groups, Shakti Sangram, Shakti Disha, Shakti Yojana, Matri Shakti and Naba Shakti were able to come up with other ideas to produce income such as making pickles.  Kasundi is a type of pickle prepared from mustard seeds. They have already sold some of these pickles and have recently sent a sample of other tastes and varieties to a buyer. The buyer of these pickles has asked the group to make pickles out of seasonal fruits. Keeping the buyers demand in mind they have sent samples of four different types of pickles. Beside these they have also sent Chikkis a traditional sweet made of peanuts and jaggery syrup. They received a good order and was able to begin supplying  their products in 2月.

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