Youth Ambassadors

Sarah Yap
California State University Northridge
"After practicing yoga for a year, I realized yoga’s love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out. Yet, it has made me realize how much I love myself. Being a member of Yoga Gives Back will give me an opportunity to spread the positive thoughts and healthy lifestyle that I have achieved across the world. Luckily, while I’ll be spreading these positive energy, I’ll also be helping those in need. Besides that, I plan to do a trip to India next year summer with my friends. Thus, this would be a great chance for me to get connected to YGB and spread the love. Namaste."
Sangita Sukhu
Miramar, Florida

Sangita Sukhu is fourteen years old  and a certified Sampoorna Yoga teacher. Sangita was born and brought up entirely in a very spiritual and yogic environment. Her lifestyle is just yoga. Sampoorna yoga is the yoga of fullness which intelligently integrates all 6 aspects of yoga. She meditates, chants, and receives higher knowledge from her father Yogi Hari, a world renowned yoga master of Nada, Hatha, and created Sampoorna Yoga.

"The reason I want to support Yoga Gives Back is because i feel it's just an amazing organization for such a higher cause! Spreading yoga around the world is my life goal and helping those in need while doing this is just as amazing. I feel very honored to he apart of this great movement and I'm very excited to move forward and grow with this amazing opportunity!"
Evi Wesseling
Gronsveld, The Netherlands
"My name is Evi. I'm 15 years old and live in Gronsveld. I got in touch with yoga through my cousin Marieke. I wanted to try it and really enjoyed it. It helps me clear my mind after a busy day at school, makes me aware of what's important in life and your posture. I'm a YGB member because I enjoy helping others who are in the need for help and I like combining that with yoga. In May, I join a running test and I started a fundraising for YGB hoping even the small things will make a difference."
Maddy Schoenberger
San Francisco, CA

Maddy is a junior at Branson High School where she first became exposed to yoga as a means to supplement her volleyball training. Soon, she discovered that yoga was not just supplemental exercise, but a way of life. As a result, she has become avid in her devoted practice and recently been privileged to serve as a Teen Ambassador for Yoga Tree in the Bay Area, as well as for Athleta.




"I have always felt empowered by my affiliation with strong athletic women. First, it was with volleyball. Now, with yoga, I value the positive impact that certain yoga teachers have had on my life. I have enjoyed the ability to form relationships due to my designation as a Yoga Tree and Athleta Teen Ambassador and to expose my friends to all that yoga has to offer. I would like to take advantage of these relationships in order to create awareness in our community to the plights of women in India. I would love to work with Elizabeth to engage in local activities for those purposes. The idea that Yoga Gives Back emphasizes empowering women in the country of Yoga’s origins inspires me. I am really grateful for this opportunity."
Autumn Porter
Sherman Oaks, CA

Autumn is an honor student at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, CA and an active member of the varsity tennis team and yoga club. She began practicing yoga in 2010 and quickly became hooked because of the awareness it brings both physically and mentally. Yoga Club is growing fast with over 150 members.

""When I was introduced to YGB, I was excited by its combination of two of my passions, women's rights and yoga. I am excited to be a youth ambassador for YGB! As a team member I will work to incorporate the teen demographic by organizing events and classes that spread awareness of our mission and educate on these issues.""
Elizabeth Stais
San Francisco, CA

Elizabeth’s mother exposed her to the vibrant yoga community of San Francisco at age thirteen. After years of participating in team sports like basketball and soccer, Elizabeth felt awakened by yoga, finally able to connect body and soul through movement and breath. She plans on completing a 200 hour Teacher Training Program before graduating high school to deepen her practice.


"I support Yoga Gives Back because it’s a dedicated forum with a mission to show gratitude for and empower the people of yoga’s birthplace. As a member of various social activist groups and the Yoga and Meditation club at my school, Marin Academy, I hope to partner with and assist YGB to an agent for change in India. I plan on raising awareness for YGB by reaching out to local yoga studios and holding screenings for YGB films."