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“Thank You Mother India” Global Campaign

"One Million Yogis" Campaign PR Video

Jayashree's Dream Lives


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“Thank You Mother India” PR Video

“My Mother’s Dream” 


Gold in Hand 

"Thank You Mother India" Global Campaign 



"Thank You Mother India" Global Campaign 

Jayashree's Journey Continues

Deenabandhu: Home of Love & Acceptance 



Sister Aid Part 3 - NISHTHA

"Thank You Mother India" - 3rd Annual Global Campaign



"Thank You Mother India" - 2nd Annual Day of Global Campaign

Gracias Madre India - Día Anual de Ayuda Global



Sister Aid Part 1 - NISHTHA

Sister Aid Part 2 - Deenabandhu

Thank You Mother India" Global Fundraiser Part 2

"Thank You Mother India" - Global Fundraiser Buzz is Building!



Jayashree's Journey: From Transaction to Transformation

YGB Exclusive Interview with Dr Yunus: The Power of Micro Financing



How Micro Financing Works, by Grameen Koota, India


YGB Mini-Documentary: Micro Financing Changes Lives


About YGB Films

YGB Films was created to connect the global community directly to those supported by YGB's programs.

Powerful voices of mothers, children and orphans bring the harsh reality of their lives closer to you, while inspiring you with an amazing sense of hope for their future. YGB Films are filmed and produced entirely by YGB team through regular visits to India (since 2007), and we will continue to film these real stories to build awareness of the issues these women face as well as appreciation for the transformation their lives have undergone, made possible by their commitment to hard work and by opportunities made available through your support.


Become a YGB Film Sponsor and help this very unique out reach effort to grow and make a difference!!! You will be credited as a sponsor at the end of the film you sponsor. We are asking a minimum of $500 for each film. YGB Films are screened at many global yoga conferences and events, such as Ashtanga Yoga Confluence( San Diego), Evolution Asia Yoga Conference (Hong Kong), YGB YouTube Channel and other media sites.  Please simply go to DONATE tab or write to apply or any questions: info@yogagivesback.org 

Production Collaborators

Editors: Beth Gallagher, Caitlin Danenhauer, Ting Poo, Robert Nakano, Martinos Aristidou
Still photographs: Jane Connors, Leslie Hendry
Local coordination: Anand Varadaraj
Translation: Midori  Simovich, Madhuri Harway, Vaibhav Choudhary, 
Music: DJ Drez, Sheela Bringi
Director/Producer: Kayoko Mitsumatsu