Jala Clothing, a Southern California yoga inspired apparel brand, was established in 2008 by Kelly Kolterman an artist, yoga studio owner and yoga Teacher. In Sanskrit, "jala" means "sacred waters of life". In yoga, water symbolizes transformation, creativity, and adaptability. Jala's logo, the lotus flower, symbolizes infinite possibilities within oneself and the potential to connect to a higher consciousness. Jala's soft fabrics, comfortable flowing styles and positive designs fuse mindfulness, yoga and fashion.

"Jala believes in giving back through charitable services. Thus, Jala selected Yoga Gives Back for their Community Metta Project, donating 100% of proceeds to YGB."

Asia & New York

Pure Yoga is Asia’s premier brand of yoga studios with locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei and New York, successfully extending its reach outside Asia. Their yoga teachers from around the world guide and inspire you with their passion, professionalism and personality. Pure studios offer over 1,000 classes each week in a diversity of yoga practices with more than 140 certified passionate teachers, who bring their experiences from all over the world.

Pure Yoga has been supporting YGB's annual global campaign "Thank You Mother India" from their studios as well as Charity Class at the Asia Yoga Conference 2013 in Hong Kong.

ORGANIC INDIA has been the most generous sponsor for many YGB events

ORGANIC INDIA means absolute commitment to quality. All our products are organic, pure and natural, because you want the best for your family and so do we. The guiding principles of our company are health and happiness for all beings and great respect for the Divine Mystery of Mother Nature who selflessly sustains humanity and naturally provides us all with a bounty of nourishing foods and healing herbs.


Piranha Yama and The Art of Non-Biting" is the story of a fierce and adorable piranha on a path to enlightenment. This book, written by Dr. Bill Kalatsky, brings compassion, yoga and meditation into the hearts and minds of children, so they can gain interest and start to receive the benefits by beginning these practices at a younger age.  A portion of every book purchased through this link will support YGB.

OMSutra started in 2008 with the mission of creating opportunities for artisans, women, people with disabilities and minorities to realize their creative and economic potential. OMSutra provides valuable training for product development and marketing support to create jobs and to create beautifully handcrafted products with purpose and meaningful coexistence. OmSutra will donate 5% of proceeds from the sale of their Yoga Mat Bags to YGB, and explore more opportunities from live events and other ways.

Los Angeles, CA

Fourth & Heart (formerly Tava Life) who produces high quality Ghee, 100% grass-fed pure spreadable butter, became YGB partner last year and donated $2,000 for SHE Program (Scholarship for Higher Education). This year, they are going to double their donation to support more destitute teen students to reach to their dreams.

"GITA Giving, powered by Bhakti Chai, is proud to support Yoga Gives Back with a donation of $5,000 to further your mission to mobilize the global yoga community to empower women and children in India." Bhakti Chai is bringing awareness and support to small projects that are making a huge difference in the global community. Give, Inspire, and Take Action to spread "Bhakti" – or devotion to social change – in the world.

Bead Relief's mission is to partner with non-profit organizations by creating a custom hand-made bracelets and donating 25% of the sales of that bracelet to our respected partners. Here is the custom designed YGB Bracelets! 

"Pranidhana" is a merging of Pranidhi Varshney's musical and yogic worlds. Working with an array of musicians, including Sheela Bringi and Clinton Patterson of Prema Soul, she's breathing new life into ancient Sanskrit chants while honoring their deep and soulful nature. The word "pranidhana" translates to "devotion" or "surrender". This album is an offering of devotion to the path of yoga, the path of union. Through chanting, Pranidhi hopes to touch the hearts of practitioners of all paths. A portion of proceeds is donated to YGB.

London, UK

Men should practice yoga. Founded in London, Ohmme wants to encourage men to practice yoga through the medium of stylish clothing. Ohmme is now also in France, Denmark and Turkey. Ohmme donates 1 pound per purchase for Yoga Gives Back.

Morgan Stanley has included Yoga Gives Back in their "Charitable Contributions" program and will match 100% of employees' donations.

You Goddess You creates projects that blend consciousness with artistic expression. The foundation of the organization embodies the divine feminine spirit. We aim to work with the myriad of beautiful forms that Mother Earth offers us. YGY is honored to support & collaborate with other artists who also strive to celebrate and uplift humanity. YGY will donate 5% of a specific line of items as well as donate items for YGB’s fundraising events.

Wishing Well is “Intention Jewelry for your wishes and dreams.” What we have created is a simple process to help you move the needle where you feel it is most necessary in your present life. This process of living in the present and without worry and stress is the first real step towards manifesting your dreams. Are you ready? Wishing well will donate 50% of purchases, when code “yogagivesback” or “YogaGivesBack” is used at online checking out process.

Bali Mala donates 20% of sales of “Dreaming in Sanskrit”. Delicate design of rudraksha, rudrani and amazonite, hand knotted on light colored thread exclusive to Bali Malas. We are honored to have collaborated with Marti Nikko in celebration of her album Dreaming in Sanskrit.

In Defense of Reality, Portugal will donate 33.3 % from its original print T shirts online sales.

At Orange Oranges we believe that small, positive choices can make a big difference.We carefully choose beautiful, high-quality products that reflect this positivity--products you'll love and feel good about. Orange Oranges is committed to donating a portion of its proceeds from the sale of every women's and men's yoga top to YGB.

The iPad app that makes 'clean up' time simple and fun for kids and parents. 5% of global sales are donated to YGB.