Sister Aid Gives a Mother and Daughter a Better Life!

Mon, July 24, 2017 11:28am

Sister Aid Gives a Mother and Daughter a Better Life!

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In 2010, YGB developed "Sister Aid" to directly provide impoverished mothers with micro-loans and young daughters and orphans with education funds.

Since then "Sister Aid"  has been able to double the number of fund recipients every year, now reaching nearly 900 mothers and children in Karnataka and West Bengal.

This is Reboti of the Shakti Montra group in West Bengal. Her business of earthen pots is currently going very well as its summer and earthen pots are perfect to keep drinking water cool. 
When Reboti was 19 years old after giving birth she discovered that her daughter was disabled. When her daughter Debika was six months old her husband died. When any Indian woman is widowed at a young age she is discriminated against and socially excluded. Society unjustly blames her for the death of her husband. It is believed that his death is because of her bad effect on him. For Reboti this was no different.

Reboti faced harsh behavior from her in-laws and their neighbors. She was thrown out of their house and the conditions in her parents’ home wasn't any better. Her brother and his wife did not like her returning to their parent's home. Her brother gave her a small piece of land and asked to manage her own living. Reboti started working as a maid and making earthen pottery at night to earn a living. Her only support was her handicapped sister who started living with her.

To sustain the cost of her daughter, sister and self Reboti continued to work managing to arrange for two square meals for the family. Her child was suffering from polio and she was unable to walk. 
When the Shakti Montra group was formed, other members of the group who knew of her condition were empathetic towards her and invited Reboti to join the group. All the years of social exclusion and poverty made her quite afraid to start her own business.

The leader of the group and other members supported her in her efforts to start and maintain a business. They helped her in planning a budget and acquiring raw materials for her business. She used the loan to purchase special mud used for making pottery. The mud comes in a lorry and she established a relationship with them. Also, for burning (baking) the raw clay pots she required fuel so she also used the money to purchase the necessary fuel.

Now her sister helps her in this business and also taking care of her child while she earns. Her daughters condition has improved with better medication and now she is able to walk and go to school with support.
Reboti and her daughter Debika
Reboti sells her pottery and is no longer just a laborer. She is making a good profit and mother and daughter now have a way to make a good living. Roboti is able to provide her daughter with  food, education and clothing.