Happy Mothers Day From Our Yoga Gives Back Mothers in India!

Fri, May 12, 2017 6:47pm

Happy Mothers Day From Our Yoga Gives Back Mothers in India!

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Happy Mother's Day from our YGB Mothers in India! 

"Poor people are as capable human beings as anybody else…You need a dollar to catch a dollar. Conventional banks never come to the poor people. So we did it…"

Nobel Peace Price Recipient Dr Muhammud Yunus in the YGB interview "The Power of Micro Financing"

Ten years ago, Dr Yunus' micro financing revolution inspired us and YOGA GIVES BACK was born. "For the cost of one yoga class, you can change a life." With this mantra, YGB started the journey to empower impoverished mothers and children in India with the global yoga community's support. Today, the number of YGB fund recipients has reached 1,100, supporting nearly 500 mothers in India with micro loans. These women have never had their own income or bank account. Together, we are growing this sustainable revolution making a profound impact on lives.

Please watch this new YGB film "Jayashree's Dream Lives," to witness the impact of our programs. We've included recent footage and historical footage since 2007. This film represents just one of the 1,100 stories of real transformation happening because of your commitment.

“Jayashree’s Dream Lives”





"One Million Yogis Campaign" Launched

What would happen if ONE MILLION YOGIS came together? YGB just launched our ONE MILLION YOGIS CAMPAIGNto inspire you and your friends to become part of this sustainable revolution. As little as $5 per month can empower mothers and children in India. Are you ready to help make an even bigger impact? Join us today!

Start your own online Fundraiser and watch your contributions grow! Check out this easy and fun starting page here!

Welcome YGB Ambassadors & Team Members

We are delighted to welcome these new global Ambassadors to share the YGB mission with their communities. YGB continues to grow globally thanks to these passionate global families.


Neva Ingalls,
. D.C.
Inner Domain
Anjan Kundu,
Hong Kong,
Pure Yoga
Jessica Walden,
Encinitas, California,
Christine Wiese,
North Carolina,
Ashtanga Yoga Asheville
Bea Whitton,
Tim Feldmann,
Miami, Florida
Miami Life Center
Tarik Thami,
Tokyo, Japan,
Mysore Tokyo

Caroline Aylward,
Boston, MA
Anita Hoffman,
Washington, D.C.

Want to become part of the YGB family?
We'd love to hear from you! Email us at


Thank you for these global events. Your community's support is essential for YGB to continue our programs in India.




CRS Center for
Remembering and Sharing
New York: May 6
Mariko Hirakawa

BMY Studio
Yokohama, Japan: May 5
Michiko Minegishi

Pay What You Wish
Singapore: April 23
Wendy Chan

Samui Green Market
Koh Samui, Thailand: April 23
Anouk Prop & Sharda Ten Hove

Aravind Yoga
Kualalumpur, Malaysia: March 30
Chris and Phillipe

LovEarth & Peace Yoga Gallery
Los Angeles: April 22

Pure Yoga
Hong Kong: April 1
Edward Chow

Malibu Fitness
California: March 17
Lauren Peterson

Ojas Yoga Studio
Japan: March 5
Stephanie Crochet

Yoga Daya
Los Angeles: Feb 19
Kiyomi Takahashi

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More info here!


OMSutra started in 2008 with the mission of creating opportunities for artisans, women, people with disabilities and minorities to realize their creative and economic potential. OMSutra provides valuable training for product development and marketing support to create jobs and to create beautifully handcrafted products with purpose and meaningful coexistence. OmSutra will donate 5% of proceeds from the sale of their Yoga Mat Bags to YGB.  



Piranha Yama and The Art of Non-Biting" is the story of a fierce and adorable piranha on a path to enlightenment. This book, written by Dr. Bill Kalatsky, brings compassion, yoga and meditation into the hearts and minds of children, so they can gain interest and start to receive the benefits of starting these practices at a younger age. When you use the YGB link, a portion of purchase price of this book will be donated to help continue our programs in India.




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May 23, Tuesday
Sun Salutations Challenge Day for ONE MILLION YOGIS CAMPAIGN @ Wilson High School, Oregon
July 22, Saturday 2-4pm
YGB Ambassadors Collaboration Workshop with Lauren Peterson & Chama @ LOIVE, Tokyo
September 24, Sunday at 4:30 PM
10th Annual Fundraiser Gala @ YogaGlo, Santa Monica