Your Donations Give Hope to Children like Surya!

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Fri, September 8, 2017 10:26am

Your Donations Give Hope to Children like Surya!

This is Surya. Surya's mother once worked as a house mother at Deenabandhu Boys home and Surya also lived at the home.  His mother was tortured by her mentally unstable husband but later decided to return to her husband at which time Surya was also released from the home. After couple of years she approached Deenabandhu to return Surya to its care.  She was finding it very difficult to take look after him along with his mentally unstable father. She also felt the environment at  home was unhealthy for his upbringing and the conditions were not aiding him in a positive way. Surya is back in the care of Deenabandhu.

Surya is now in  his second year at Government Toolroom and Training Center (GTTC), Gundlupet. He is interested in many different activities including drawing, chess, puzzles, dancing and theater. 

With your support, YGB continues to fund 25 children for their education and living expenses in the loving home at Deenabandhu Children's Home Karnataka, India. This home houses about 100 boys and girls who have absolutely no other place to live. $500 a year can support these children fully. Join us to make a real difference in these children's lives and donate now!