YGB Welcomes Michael Budd as its New Ambassador!

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Thu, September 14, 2017 12:00am

YGB Welcomes Michael Budd as its New Ambassador!

Michael Budd , Los Angeles,  My Workout Budd

Mikey Budd is a Jersey boy, and proud of it. He's always had an active lifestyle as a soccer player, runner and of course, break dancer! But, it wasn't until he found the beauty and benefit in yoga, that he finally felt centered. After traveling to India for 5 weeks, Mikey became a certified yoga instructor and wanted to share his knowledge to all. As an active part of the community, he brings yoga to places and people who don’t have access to classes including low income families, at-risk students, and prisoners at no cost. Mikey also currently teaches at Playlist. Yoga in West Hollywood and his days as a "b-boy" are the baseline for his innovative hip-hop flows.

"India has a very near and dear place to my heart after visiting for 5 weeks. As magical and mystical as it was, there were also a lot of harsh realities that I saw and unfortunately, the poverty and caste system is indescribable. Yoga Gives Back is an amazing foundation that works to eliminate these burdens especially for women and children. It’s so important for people to be educated, fed, and know they are loved which is what YGB does. I support any organization that benefits those less fortunate, but YGB truly targets where change can be made the most. It is amazing to give back to the country that has given us one of the greatest gifts of all."