Be part of YGB's One Million Yogis Campaign!

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Mon, August 21, 2017 7:09pm

Be part of YGB's One Million Yogis Campaign!

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Yoga is our sustaining gift from Mother India.

To mark YGB’s Tenth Anniversary, we want to inspire ONE MILLION YOGIS to show our gratitude together.


Join our ONE MILLION YOGIS CAMPAIGN and make a difference in the lives of mothers and children in India with micro loans and education funds.

Please become a YGB's sustaining member by donating as little as $5 per month.


Donate and start your personal online fundraiser to make a difference with your inspired communities. It's easy and fun! Just click here for more details. 


It’s estimated that there are 300 million yoga practitioners in the world and that the global yoga industry generates $80 billion in consumer spending. The goal of the One Million Yogis Campaign is to inspire one million yogis or just a fraction of one percent of total yogis worldwide, to support Yoga Gives Back’s mission to mobilize the global yoga community to empower women and children in India to build sustainable livelihoods.

$5 a month can give Education Materials for 12 Children.

$15 a month can give Higher Education for 1 Teenager.

$25 a month can give Micro Loans for 11 Women Potters.

$45 a month can give Elementary Education for 3 Girls.

$100 a month can give Caring Home for 2 Orphan Cildren.

Thank you for these YGB sustaining members to be part of One Million Yogis Campaign!