YGB Welcomes Kerill Ezzy as its Newest Ambassador

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Sat, June 24, 2017 6:05pm

YGB Welcomes Kerill Ezzy as its Newest Ambassador

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Kerill Ezzy, Macau


Kerill is a dedicated yoga practitioner whose fundamental motivation in teaching is to work with the integrity of the body as a means of accessing the alignment of the breath and spirit. She has a true love of the yogic tradition, modern sciences and the nitty gritty of life. Bringing these together with a touch of humour, she challenges students to step outside their habits and break free of their self-imposed limitations. She believes strongly in the power of breathwork and mindfulness as means of accessing the deep recesses of the mind body connection. It is through this that she sees the true workings of yoga in practice.

Kerill is a Yoga Alliance Experienced 500Hour Teacher, a registered PreNatal Teacher and has undergone extensive training as a Yoga Therapist, in Pranayama and in specialized anatomy. She has had a dedicated Ashtanga asana practice for over a decade and has been teaching for over 6 years.

She regularly holds specialised yoga workshops in Australia, China and Macau. She has introduced and remains the only Mysore teacher in Macau.

Kerill is inspired by Michel Besnard, Roslyn Ying, Paul Dallaghan, Arielle Nash-Degagne, Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor and Carlos Pomeda.

"In a population of over 1 billion people, it is often easy to be overlooked. Handing women and children the quick fix of 'fast money' is not a sustainable way to assist them in escaping the cycle of poverty of India. Offering, instead, micro loans and education, allows women to take control of their own destinies as they start to embrace responsibility and see the potential for a way out for themselves and their children. As yoga practitioners, the practice has allowed us to alleviate our spiritual suffering. I want to help alleviate the physical suffering of this often overlooked population in a way that is sustainable for current and future generations. Its the least I can do to say 'thank you' for the gift this culture has given me."