When women thrive all of society benefits! Support YGB Sister Aid

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Thu, June 29, 2017 11:51am

When women thrive all of society benefits! Support YGB Sister Aid

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In 2010, YGB developed "Sister Aid" to directly provide impoverished mothers with micro-loans and young daughters and orphans with education funds.

Since then "Sister Aid"  has been able to double the number of fund recipients every year, now reaching nearly 900 mothers and children in Karnataka and West Bengal.

This is the Nishtha Shakti group in West Bengal who have collectively created a business of mud utensils. 


Madhumita Pal is currently group leader of this group. Before joining this group she  was not allowed to socialize or go out of the house by her husband and in-laws. When Nishtha social workers came to the village with the proposal of building this group she secretly became a member without informing her family. This resulted in torturing and physical abuse by the family. She was restricted from attending meetings or meeting the social workers. But she did not give in and continued to attend everything secretly.

Finally when she was able to establish her business with the micro-loan provided by YGB Sister Aid program her husband and in-laws acknowledged the positive impact of this group and presently the torture and abuse has reduced a great deal. 


One of this group’s member, Madhumita, supervises her business, bank transactions and problems of her group and community. Her group is by her side always and she is a wonderful example for them.