Three Faces of Hope Thanks to you!

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Sat, June 3, 2017 4:58pm

Three Faces of Hope Thanks to you!

With your support, YGB now funds 26 children for their education and living expenses in the loving home at Deenabandhu Children's Home Karnataka, India. This home houses about 100 boys and girls who have absolutely no other place to live. $500 a year can support these children fully. Join us to make a real difference in these children's lives and donate now!


Swetha is now in 3rd standard at Deenabandhu School. She is the elder sister of Anju (Chikka Anju) who is also under your care.

Swetga is an above average student. She is very attached to her house mother and stays very obedient to her. She has a very beautiful smile that lights up the room. She is such a cheerful child and enjoys dancing, reading stories and drawing.


Ropa is now in 9th standard at Deenahandhu Primary School.

While she is a good student she does struggles with Math, English, and Hindi but is working  hard to get improve. She is a very good dancer and a talented singer. She continues to learn dancing over weekends. She is responsible and quite impressively completes any tasks assigned to her.




Viveka is the most tomboyish and the strongest of all the girls at Deenabandhu home has fared well. She is now in 6th standard at Deenabandhu school.

She enjoys a robust health and is very proud of her strength. Academically she is above average and often helps her classmates with their homework.

She is part of the musical team of the theater group at her school and continues to learn dancing over weekends. She is also a very competent in sports participates in many competitions.