Jayashree's Journey Continues: Transaction to Transformation

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Tue, May 16, 2017 1:08pm

Jayashree's Journey Continues: Transaction to Transformation

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In 2007, Yoga Gives Back met with Jayashree, who just received her first micro loan. Her dream has been to give higher education to her two sons. Filming for the last nine years, this short film documents her eldest son Guruprasad's incredible achievement and dedication to become a dental surgeon. Jayashree's dream truly lives in Guruprasa'd life.


Music generously donated by DJ Drez and Sheela Bringi.

Jayashree Never Gives Up!


Behind the inspiring story of Guruprasad, who is studying to become a dental oncology surgeon, there is an incredible story of his mother Jayashree whom I first met in 2007. Jayashree received her first micro loan that year and was very hopeful to give her children higher education. When I interviewed her for the first time, what struck me most was her honesty and clarity of her goal. "I am poor, my mother was also poor," she told me. She also articulated that her dream was to give her two sons higher education so that they can serve the community. This family never puts "making money" as a goal or priority. Their goal has always been "to serve the society." This was truly surprising as well as inspiring to me. I never expected that response!

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"Cancer Free India!" SHE Scholarship Student's Dream

"There is no doubt. I want to save lives."


This year, YGB's visit to India started with meeting with Guruprasad who is YGB's first recipient of SHE, Five-year Scholarship for Higher Education. Coming from a very poor family in the sububs of Bangalore, Guru is now 2nd year of his masters course at AECS Maaruti College of Dental Sciences and  Research Center, Bangalore, India. We first met Guru when he was a high school student in 2007. His growth in self confidence is truly remarkable to witness. You can watch two short YGB Films below, which I have been filming since our first meeting.

Last seven years, Guru has been studying day and night to realize his dream to become a dental surgeon. His English has improved so much that I did not even ask for a translator's help this time. Guru shared his dream of becoming an oncologist dental surgeon and create a cancer free Bangalore, cancer free India. His plan is to build a cancer care center for the poor who have no awareness or care about their serious illness.

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