Your Love and Support Has Given a Home to Destitute Children!

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Fri, January 27, 2017 1:38pm

Your Love and Support Has Given a Home to Destitute Children!

With your support, YGB continues to fund 21 children for their education and living expenses in the loving home at Deenabandhu Children's Home Karnataka, India. This home houses about 100 boys and girls who have absolutely no other place to live. $500 a year can support these children fully. Join us to make a real difference in these children's lives and donate now!


Kundir is another creative kid under the care of YGB. He attends 6th standard at Deenabandhu school. Even though Kundir isn’t as bright academically as some of the other students there is no doubt he is very creative and has immense potential in this area. 

He likes to take care of pets and has made his own small garden on the Deenabandhu campus. He grows vegetables like chilies, potatoes, and onions in his mini garden. He makes bright colored, uniquely designed kites and enjoys flying them up high. He mingles many things together creating beautiful artwork with what he has on hand.


Lucia is now in 4th standard at Deenabandhu primary school.  Academically she is very bright and is also a good dancer. She involves herself fully in any activity she participates in doing. 

She continues to learn Bharatanatyam dancing over weekends. She is soft spoken and  obedient. She is very attached to her house mother and enjoys her company.

Maalai is now in 5th standard at Deenabandhu school. Maalai has  thyroid issues which need medication and requires regular doctor's visits. 

In spite of all her physical limitations she remains be bubbly and happy in her home at Deenabandhu. She also continues to learn dancing over the weekend with other children and never misses performing on stage whenever there is a chance. All the other children at Deenabandhu home display extra care and love towards her.