Deenabandhu Children Thrive With Your Support!

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Tue, December 27, 2016 2:28pm

Deenabandhu Children Thrive With Your Support!

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With your support, YGB continues to fund 21 children for their education and living expenses in the loving home at Deenabandhu Children's Home Karnataka, India. This home houses about 100 boys and girls who have absolutely no other place to live. $500 a year can support these children fully. Join us to make a real difference in these children's lives and donate now!

Ajeeta joined Deenabandhu Children's Home Karnataka in May 2011 when she escaped her past as an orphan who was sold for child labor. In May 2011 Ajeeta ran away from her employer and was found as a ticket-less passenger on a train by Deenabandhu Trust’s part-time driver. He took Ajeeta to Deenabandhu Children's HomeKarnataka where she was welcomed with open arms.

With no prior education before becoming a resident at the home we are happy to report that Ajeeta is doing exceptionally well with her studies. She is another wonderful dancer under our care, and she is blossoming. She is now in 8th standard at Deenbandhu school. She actively participates in all extra-curricular activities.  Including many running events. Representing her school in a recent relay competition her team won first prize at the Taluk level.  She continues to learn Bharatanatyam dancing over the weekends and is developing into a graceful dancer and is part of her school’s theater group. She took part in this year’s media festival and her team made a 5 minute short film about the Devil! We are so proud Ajeeta!

This beautiful smiling face is Giini, she is one of the 21 children your kind donations enable Yoga Gives Back direct fund program, "Sister Aid" to fund at the Deenabandhu Children's Home Karnataka, India for a minimum of 5 years. 
Although Giini’s mother works at the home, they live separately as her mother works and lives in the ‘boys’ section of the home with Giini’s brother, whom requires additional medical care due to his congenital heart problem. Giini’s father and mother are separated and they receive no financial support from her farther as he was previously married and unable to support Giini and her mother. Giini’s has been a resident of the Deenabandhu Trust home since June 2010, after initially being a resident at a different home which did not provide personal care.

Giini is now in 5th standard at Deenabandhu school. Academically she is above average and thriving in her studies. She continues to learn Bharatanatyam dancing over the weekends. She is a sensitive child, rarely gets into trouble and is very responsible and attentive in all the engagements she is involved with.

Gangol comes from poor family, his father died from HIV. Fortunately Gangol and and his sister are not affected and his mother Radha is also HIV negative. Radha is working as ayah at the Deenabandhu primary school. Gangol's sister is accommodated in the Girls’ home keeping the siblings together so they can grow with mutual bonding. Gangol attends 6th standard at Deenabandhu school. He is very bright and enjoys school and excels in math. He actively takes part in his school sports competitions.

He is immensely creative and highly skilled. He made a beautiful guitar with a piece of wood and expandable bands and gifted it to his beloved Jayadev on his birthday. He makes beautiful and creative drawings. We keep wondering how he gets these ideas and how he makes them all manifest with such ease and beauty! He is very mischievous too and keeps landing in trouble!