How one donor couple decided to fund eight girls in West Bengal

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Mon, September 12, 2016 1:07pm

How one donor couple decided to fund eight girls in West Bengal

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Here is an inspiring story of a couple in the US, who decided to donate to YGB’s program from their wedding celebration and are now seeing the real impact of their generosity. They wish to remain anonymous.

My husband and and I were fortunate enough to celebrate our union in grand fashion. Amidst the parties, the dances, and the food, we also wanted to include some kind of pay-it-forward contribution as part of our wedding. Since I'm a student of yoga and friend of YGB, I reached out to Kayoko about sponsoring eight girls through the SHE program. 
It's an honor to be able to support these eight girls as they further their education and make an impact on their communities. What I find particularly heartening about NISHTA's work is that it is holistic. They provide not only educational support in the form of tuition and fees, but also support to the whole community via social workers, women's groups, and a myriad of other programs. Kayoko has been conscientious in giving us updates on how the girls are doing from time to time, and one of the most powerful things for me to read about in the last report was the ripple effects that are being created. The girls are raising awareness about gender-based discrimination, holding rallies, and having one on one interactions with their peers, in order to empower themselves and others. This is how a community transforms. 
The girls and women have jointly conducted 12 rallies in different pockets of the villages on gender based discrimination, early marriage, domestic violence, drop-out prevention.

My husband and I have been blessed with abundance, and sharing this abundance with others, in whatever way we can, is our responsibility. Making a direct impact on these girls' lives also helped assuage some of our guilt about spending so much on our wedding ;)

I hope that this reflection inspires others- in the yoga community and beyond- to share their gifts abundantly- whether they be gifts of money, time, presence, energy, or other resources. YGB is doing great work by building global connections and empowering our sisters and brothers in India. Let's continue to till the soil and plant seeds where we can, so that all of us may grow together.
The girls have conducted series of one to one sessions with their peers to make them understand the issue of gender based discrimination.
Their generous support of eight underprivileged girls in the impoverished Sibsuti Villages of Baruipur for the last two years, with a five-year commitment to YGB's SHE (Scholarship for Higher Education) program has planted the seed of opportunity for each student to become a real change maker in their communities and beyond.