Pure International Initiates "SHE" Scholarship for Higher Education

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Mon, November 4, 2013 12:46pm

Pure International Initiates "SHE" Scholarship for Higher Education






We are truly excited to have YGB’s first corporate sponsor Pure International, headquartered in Hong Kong, for its Corporate Responsibility Program (CSR) initiative, funding higher education for ten rural girls for the next five years in West Bengal.  YGB’s local partner NGO NISHTHA has selected the most suited girls who can tremendously benefit from this scholarship in their lives.



Goal of the Project:

Pure International’s funding program in cooperation with Yoga Gives Back will empower the rural poor adolescent girls through education of two-year Higher Secondary (high school level) and three-year College, totaling  five years. Drop-out rate for girls in higher education is currently 80%, leading to frequent child marriage or trafficking; female literacy remains at 60.22% in this region. Tutoring in computer and English, as well as social workers’ regular counseling, are needed to guide the girls to becoming strong citizen of society. As of today, NISHTHA is supporting nearly 4500 of the most vulnerable girls in this region and has identified those who could benefit immediately from this scholarship.  We expect that at least 70% of SHE recipients will achieve graduation from high school level education.


Goal Outcome:

  • Girls will be ensured education up to graduation level.
  • Girls will be protected from trafficking, child labor, early marriage, discrimination, and sexual violence.
  • Parents will be sensitized on the rights of girl children and gender bias will be reduced.
  • These girls will disseminate the message of the importance of education, their rights, and the ill effects of trafficking, child labor, early marriage, etc. to their peers in the community.



  • The girls will be provided with educational support, including admission fees, transportation, uniform and clothing, book grants, tuition, etc., for continuation of Higher Secondary education up to the level of graduation.
  • Impart skill building, spoken English, gender and leadership training to the girls.
  • Regular follow up visits will be conducted by the social worker at home so that we have the better understanding of the girl’s performance, obstacles, and family dynamics. Apart from that it will also make the relationship between parents and NISHTHA-YGB much stronger.
  • Bimonthly Mothers’ meeting will be organized, so that the parents, especially the mothers, take an active role in ensuring the education of their girls.
  • Provide computer training to the girls from first year of graduation so that they become capable of competing in the employment market.


From Pure

To be socially conscious is part of our nature. Whether participating in charity events; offering assistance for victims of tragedies or donating goods for those that could use an extra hand; we incorporate our values: Passion, +Attitude, Teamwork and Honesty into every initiative hoping to meet the needs of our communities.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy enable us to being more aware of our role as citizens of the world to preserve the planet we live in and take actions locally, as small as they may seem, that will help towards that goal. Every little action counts.

 “At Pure, we are committed to constantly giving back to the community in every little way we can. We are proud supporters of YGB Thank You Mother India’s yearly campaign and delighted to further our involvement by supporting NISHITA’s program. We hope our assistance can help these ten girls to live better lives.” said Colin Grant, CEO of the Pure International, parent company of Pure Yoga & Pure Fitness. http://www.pure-international.com/en/hongkong/about_pure/community.php

Founder of YGB Kayoko Mitsumatsu with Colin Grant, CEO Pure International